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Johan Kitti

Category: Music

Events: Special Occasions

Location: Kautokeino

Tags: #singer #pop-music #sámi music #EDM #yoik #hymns

Performance duration: 00h 30m


SAAMI MUSIC IN MODERNFORM. Johan Kitti released his debut CD, DOVDDUT / FEELINGS, 2007 and his second album came out 2010, LUOHTE GOAIKANASAT. It`s a traditional yoik CD with traditional Joik`s from Karesuando area. The self-taught singer-songwriter and yoiker began his musical career at the 2004 Sami Grand Prix - The saami language song contest in Norway. Johan won the contest that year with his song - Eŋgelat lávllodit / When the angels sing. In 2006 he won the song contest again with his duet, Ellen Sara Bæhr, - Luđiin muitalan / With this yoik I tell. The duo also won Liet-Lavlut, a European minority language song contest in Östersund, that same year and with the same song. DISKOGRAFI - (album) 2006 - Dovddut / Feelings. 2010 - Luohte Goaikanasat. 2013 - Min ráhkis sálmmat. 2015 - Min ráhkis sálmmat 2. 2018 - Dolla


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